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Child development webinar 

With Juliette Francis Online at 8pm on Wednesday 7th October

This webinar is aimed at health professionals working with children and their families, and is free to attend.

Looks at attachment theory; and the ways in which parenting capacity, trauma and abuse impacts on child development

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Consider HiPP for your hospital...

We can offer you significant cost savings:

HiPP - £8.38 per case (of 24)
Aptamil - £8.84 per case (of 24)

We also offer the only infant formula with reduced protein content in line with the latest nutritional research.

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Highly rated infant nutrition seminar returning in 2016

Feeding infants...Is less more?: with Professor Atul Singhal.  

Professor Singhal delivered a hugely well-received presentation on the benefits of a lower protein diet in infancy and how it can help prevent obesity in later life.  We plan to repeat this accredited seminar in early 2016.  More details to follow.

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Resources with CPD 

We have a wide variety of articles and webinars with CPD, on topics relating to infant feeding and nutrition.  


Food hypersensitivity - Food allergy and intolerances 
Common infant feeding problems 
Reducing protein in infant formulas

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