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The UK's first reduced protein formula

The first infant milk in the UK to contain less than 2g of protein/ 100kcal. High protein intake in the first six years of life has been linked with a 2.4x increased long term risk of being overweight or obese.

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CPD accredited webinars

Webinars are free to attend, and take place during the evening for your convenience.  All our webinars are CPD accredited.

  • An introduction to autism
  • Child development

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Free evening seminars

Feeding infants...Is less more?: with Professor Atul Singhal.  

Prof Singhal will review current evidence and thinking on early nutrition, particularly in relation to protein levels in formula milk and feeding practices. Events taking place in London 28th April, Fareham 13th May, Nottingham 4th June 

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Articles with CPD 

We have a wide variety of articles with CPD, on topics relating to infant feeding and nutrition.  Print and complete at your leisure.


Food hypersensitivity - Food allergy and intolerances 
Common infant feeding problems 
Reducing protein in infant formulas

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