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Child development webinar 

Child Development - with Juliette Francis.  What is Neuro-Typical? This webinar was recorded on 13th October and is aimed at health professionals working with children and their families.

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Consider HiPP for your hospital...

We can offer you significant cost savings:

HiPP - £8.38 per case (of 24)
Aptamil - £8.84 per case (of 24)

We also offer a first infant formula with reduced protein content in line with the latest nutritional research.

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Ensuring a healthy start: Making the first 1000 days count

FREE conference - 3rd February 2016, Business Design Centre, London

A full-day conference covering priority topics for midwives and health visitors including Joined up working, Nutrition in pregnancy, Early attachment, Child nutrition, Perinatal mental health.

Resources with CPD 

We have a wide variety of articles and webinars with CPD, on topics relating to infant feeding and nutrition.  


Food hypersensitivity - Food allergy and intolerances 
Common infant feeding problems 
Reducing protein in infant formulas

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