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Bursaries available to attend JFHC Professional Manchester

We welcome applications from UK based healthcare professionals to attend accredited learning events.  

JFHC Professional North takes place in Manchester on 4th June and features our seminar by Professor Atul Singhal on infant feeding.

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Consider HiPP for your hospital...

We can offer you significant cost savings:

HiPP - £8.38 per case (of 24)
Aptamil - £8.84 per case (of 24)

We also offer the only infant formula with reduced protein content in line with the latest nutritional research.

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Infant nutrition seminar - 94% rated it "excellent"

Feeding infants...Is less more?: with Professor Atul Singhal.  

Prof Singhal will review current evidence and thinking on early nutrition, particularly in relation to protein levels in formula milk and feeding practices. We are repeating this seminar in Nottingham on 3rd June and Manchester at JFHC Professional on 4th June.

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Resources with CPD 

We have a wide variety of articles and webinars with CPD, on topics relating to infant feeding and nutrition.  


Food hypersensitivity - Food allergy and intolerances 
Common infant feeding problems 
Reducing protein in infant formulas

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